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Serviceset for Automotive

Car set

The Servicesets car set is a surprising way to attach customers to your business. The car set of ServiceSets comes standard in a summer and in a winter edition. The summer car set focuses more on washing the car, the winter variant on maintenance with, for instance, antifreeze windscreen washer filler.

The Servicesets car set can be used in various ways. You can offer your customers this elegant car cleaning box for an attractive price, or you use the car set as a giveaway. As a giveaway you can, for example, use this box when you sell a new or a used car, with an overhaul, or with special sale promotions of your company.

The Servicesets car set comes in a standard edition, but they can also easily be personalized. We even offer you the possibility to let us design the wrapper in a style by your wish, featuring your own logo and commercial. It is also possible to print the logo of your car brand or company on the chamois en chamois sponge.

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